The Alchemy of Hypnosis (boosting the creative process)

The Alchemy of Hypnosis, Hypnoformance, Hypnotherapy

Alchemy is a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination of elements. The science of alchemy is most often an attempt to purify, mature, and perfect certain objects. When you stop to think about it, alchemy seems a lot like hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy can help you create transformation in your life, using a combination of methods and techniques. At the same time, a successful hypnotherapy session depends on the skill of the hypnotist and your willingness to be hypnotized.

To that regard, modern hypnotism seems like a mixture of exoteric and esoteric principles that magically intertwine for your benefit. Most people operate within a belief system that presumes that our reality is independent of what we make of it.

At the same time, society demands that we conform to a collection of loosely related ideas and principles. With this in mind, you’ll find that hypnotherapy works regardless of which school of thought you subscribe.

That’s because hypnosis relies upon the use of language and natural processes to open the imaginary door to the subconscious mind. Religious and spiritual beliefs have nothing to do with hypnosis or its effectiveness.

The Mythical Alchemy of Hypnosis:

Rider Tarot Deck on, The Alchemy of Hypnosis, Inspired Magic, Magician Card While hypnosis has nothing to do with your religious or spiritual beliefs, it might surprise you to discover that hypnosis is prevalent in both principles. At the same time, you’ll see hypnotic methods affecting practically every other aspect of your life.

Before embarking on the formal path to become a Hypnotherapist, I was not aware of how pervasive hypnosis is in our society. I suspect that most other people do not understand hypnosis either. Perhaps this is why many people think hypnosis is magic?

At the same time, it might be easier for some people to believe that hypnosis is magic. Because the alternative means accepting the reality that we’re in a state of trance most of the time. A hypnotherapist is merely somebody who speaks in hypnotic language patterns and makes use of your natural trance states.

Be that as it may, this magician card from the Rider Tarot deck rests in the corner of the corkboard beside my desk. This particular card serves to remind me that all change work requires practice and skill.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are not skills which you study once, but rather something which requires a lifetime commitment for mastery. To that regard, I am always reading books on hypnosis and attending advanced hypnotherapy classes.

My Favorite Alchemy Tip for Success:

If you are fortunate in life and business, then the odds are that you’re an avid reader. The majority of my clients who are successful are probably reading 2-3 books per week. I read several books per week, but have to admit that I’m using Hypnoformance skills to do it.

Unless you’re going to sit around all week reading and doing nothing else, you need to learn to speed read. But even if you’re able to read fast, the next challenge is remembering the material. I found that my reading and retention skills improved dramatically after listening to these hypnosis downloads:

The Alchemy of Hypnosis and developing other skills lies in reading and practice Improving your reading and retention skills are critical steps on the path towards success. In fact, we could say that the alchemy of creating any talent lies in the habit of reading, study, and practicing your art to perfection.

Since I travel extensively for work and leisure, I download most of my books via the Amazon Prime Reading service. There are lots of free titles which I can download quickly and read using the Kindle app on my iPad.

It goes without saying that I also rely heavily upon the iBooks Library, but I have to admit that buy more books from Amazon. It seems like Amazon has more titles about hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

At the same time, I frequently find titles through iBooks that I can’t buy on Amazon. Thus you might want to keep both bookstores in mind when looking for reading material.

Practicing Alchemy & Hypnosis:

Since alchemy is just the process of creating something better, there might be some areas in your life that you would like to improve. Indeed reading and learning new skills is one way to transform your life.

In addition to reading and self-improvement programs, regular hypnotherapy sessions can advance your personal growth. Hypnosis opens an imaginary door to the subconscious mind, which bypasses the critical faculty of the conscious mind. There are countless benefits to being able to learn new behaviors and skills on an unconscious level.

But what I love about hypnosis is that it makes it so much easier to learn and remember new things. To that regard, I look upon being able to hypnotize people as one of the most critical skills in my alchemist toolset.

While you might not have a lifetime or years to devote to studying the art of hypnotherapy, you can benefit from the experience of others. Whether you meet with in-person with a hypnotherapist or listen to self-hypnosis programs, I’m confident you’re going to love it.

Alchemy, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, weekend warriors vs. accredited schools

The one caveat is that I urge you to seek the services of a hypnotherapist educated by an accredited school of hypnotherapy. You don’t want somebody learning hypnotherapy from the school of hard knocks monkeying around in your mind. To that regard, there are a lot of self-taught weekend warriors in this field that you should avoid.

There are also a lot of “hypnotherapists” and “master hypnotists” with “certifications” from weekend hypnotherapy courses. Heed the quotes, my friend!

With all due respect to the mad skills the instructors of those classes might possess, the odds are that most people aren’t going to become master hypnotists in a weekend. At best, those courses might be appetizers which serve to whet your appetite.

The Sacred Scrolls of Hypnotic Alchemy:

The more I learn about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, the more I realize there is more to learn. My introduction to Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) came at the hands of Tony Robbins.

The sacred scrolls and teachings of alchemy, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, Hypnoformance

At the time, I was studying Strategic Intervention Coaching via Robbins-Madanes Training 100-hour life coaching course. It took almost two years to complete those classes.

My hunger for knowledge and the desire to perfect my change work skills led me to the Hypnosis Motivation Institute. It took a little more than a year to earn my diploma in Hypnotherapy, but that was just the beginning. There are more than 300 ways that hypnosis can help people live more fully.

To that end, there is an endless list of specialty hypnotherapy courses for me to take. Of course, I love to discover and learn new things, so I’m always attending advanced hypnotherapy classes! At the same time, it’s essential to study the works of great hypnotherapists like:

In addition to reading and studying the work of these master hypnotists, I also buy a lot of self-hypnosis programs by other hypnotists. Listening to recordings of other hypnotists provides me with a better understanding of what to do and not do in my work.

It’s amazing what insights you can discover by exploring the work of your competitors. With that in mind, what is it that you do, and what steps are you taking to ensure that you’re always growing and fine-tuning your skill set?

How do you practice alchemy in your chosen profession?

Perhaps you’re wondering how hypnosis can help you achieve your goals and dreams? One of the most exciting things I help people with is guided imagery work.

Hypnotic imagery is suitable for things like building confidence and deciding which path to take in life. The latter of which being something that nobody else can choose for you, but your inner voice has the answer!

It seems to be a universal truth that our inner guide is the wisest person we know, and yet the last person we trust to advise us. And yet at the same time, the path to enlightenment and wisdom seems to be illuminated from within us.

Watching the rapid transformations that people experience during therapeutic imagery is one of the most rewarding parts of my job! You’ve got to try it. You’re going to love it!

I wonder what new and wonderful things you will discover about yourself.

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