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Friday 13th Black Cat

Why Are People Afraid of Friday the 13th?

Why Are We Afraid of Friday the 13th? (Is it good or bad luck?)Friday the 13th is a day when many people experience feelings of apprehension dread driven by superstitious beliefs. As a matter of fact, some will go out of their way to avoid crossing paths with a black cat. While other people who […]

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Peter Drucker Quote

Motivational Quotes 2019

Use these motivational quotes and inspirational sayings to brighten up your day. Be sure to share them on social media!

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The Alchemy of Hypnosis, Hypnoformance, Hypnotherapy

The Alchemy of Hypnosis (boosting the creative process)

Alchemy and Hypnosis are a lot alike in that they embrace the magic of the creative process. Discover how to use alchemy and hypnotherapy to stimulate your creativity!

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Reality vs Expectation dictate enjoyment of life

Reality vs Expectation – Creating Confidence & Happiness

Discover how differences in your sense of Reality vs Expectation is driving your enjoyment of life. And how you can use the power of hypnosis to put you back in the driver’s seat.

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Is Hypnosis Real? Hypnoformance explains what it feels like

Is hypnosis real? Incredible Adventures of the mind! (3-2-1)

Many people wonder is hypnosis real? As a hypnotherapist, I’m certain that you expect me to insist that hypnosis is real. Let’s take a trip down the proverbial rabbit hole, so that you may decide for yourself.

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